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      Creating maps and doing spatial analysis in R. Replacing arcGIS with R.

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      This forum provides support for those using geolocator technology to study animal movement and behavior.

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      This forum provides support for those using RFID technology to study animal movement and behavior

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      Public forum providing resources for women in ornithology.

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    • Hi, I am trying to use TwGeos::preprocessLight() to identify twilights in light data collected by Lotek LAT280 tags. The below is the log of the "Light Intensity" variable. This approach doesn't seem to give great definition between the dark and light sections and makes picking a threshold challenging.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a transformation, a threshold, or an alternative approach with the data from this tag? Thanks!
    • As co-president of BirdLife International's Rare Bird Club, novelist Graeme Gibson worked tirelessly to the champion the cause of birds, both in his native Canada, and globally.View the full article
    • A study published today in the journal Science reveals that since 1970, bird populations in the United States and Canada have declined by 29 percent, or almost 3 billion birds, signaling a widespread ecological crisis. The results show tremendous losses across diverse groups of birds and habitats—from iconic songsters such as meadowlarks to long-distance migrants such as swallows and backyard birds including sparrows. View the full article
    • A new study shows that the USA and Canada have lost more than a quarter of their birds over the past 50 years. This massive reduction in abundance involves hundreds of species, from beloved backyard songbirds to long-distance migrants. So what’s going on?View the full article
    • Here are some of the grants and awards from our funding database with due dates coming up in November and December: ABA Ludlow Griscom Award for Outstanding Contributions in Regional Ornithology (and other ABA awards). Recognition. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/aba-ludlow-griscom-award-for-outstanding-contributions-in-regional-ornithology-r226/ Bill Terrell Avian Conservation Grant. Georgia Ornithological Society. Typical $35,000-50,000. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/bill-terrell-avian-conservation-grant-r76/ Dr. Bruce D. J. Batt Fellowship in Waterfowl Conservation. Ducks Unlimited Canada. Up to $5,000CA/year. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/dr-bruce-d-j-batt-fellowship-in-waterfowl-conservation-r218/ Frank M. Chapman Fellowship. American Museum of Natural History. Varies. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/frank-m-chapman-fellowship-r110/ Jed Burtt Undergraduate Mentoring Grants. $1,000 + travel costs. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/jed-burtt-undergraduate-mentoring-grants-r6/ North American Bluebird Society Grant. $500-$5,000. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/nabs-grant-r125/ Paul Stewart Avian Research Fund. Inland Bird Banding Association. Up to $1000. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/paul-stewart-avian-research-fund-r150/ Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society Small Grants for Field Study Projects. $550. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/small-grants-for-field-study-projects-r288/ Search the funding database for more grants with upcoming deadlines, and happy grant writing. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/ **Note: sponsors update their websites all the time. I try to keep all of the links in this database active. If you find one that is broken, please let me know.
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