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Most useful R package you've used to study ornithology related data

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I'm compiling a list of relevant R packages in ornithology. I was wondering if you can provide one or more packages that you find relevant in these categories. 

  • Communication and acoustic analysis
  • Conservation
  • Genetics
  • Mark-recapture analysis
  • Movement ecology, navigation, telemetry, GPS, habitat use
  • Phylogeny
  • Physiology, phenology and life histories
  • Population dynamics

I welcome packages not only on CRAN. 


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Some population related packages:

  • Distance
  • dsm
  • marked
  • mrds
  • nimbleSCR
  • oSCR
  • PresenceAbsence
  • Rcapture
  • RMark
  • scrbook
  • secr
  • unmarked

Some packages for accessing bird observation citizen science data:

  • auk (and ebirdst)
  • rinat
  • rgbif

Lots of general modeling packages:

  • MuMIn
  • AICcmodavg

You might also check out some of the CRAN task views such as,

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For regression models I regularly use

to plot partial residual plots, calculate model coefficients and effect sizes, and extract pseudo R-squared values for anything that is not least squares. This is especially useful for regression models with lots of variables, especially multiple categorical variables and/or interactions.

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