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  3. This news and analysis are provided by the Ornithological Council, a consortium supported by ornithological societies. Join or renew your membership in your ornithological society if you value the services these societies provide to you, including OrnithologyExchange and the Ornithological Council. Reps. Alan Lowenthal (D-Cal.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) reintroduced The Migratory Bird Protection Act today. The bill affirms that coverage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act extends to incidental take, and also aims to create more certainty for business and incentives for innovation to prote
  4. Summary/Objective Coordinate and conduct habitat management activities on a variety of habitat types including grasslands, prairies, croplands, woodlands and wetlands. Essential Job Duties Work with the District Supervisor and other Biologists to implement natural resource management activities of multiple landscapes, habitats, and target species on managed lands. Conduct habitat appraisals and evaluations and make improvement recommendations. Respond to wildlife management issues, questions, and concerns. Provide technical assistance to landowners and other land
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  6. Mary P. Wright, age 76, of Gilsum, New Hampshire passed away on Monday, July 19, 2021. Mary was born January 13, 1945. She had been a bander at the Appledore Island Migration Station since 1987. She wrote of her time on Appledore, "In 1985 I went to Appledore for a bird study weekend and was fascinated by the bird banding operation. Decided I had to learn more ... maybe I could find someone in southern New Hampshire who was banding sparrows or whatever. Within a week of getting home I got a flyer from the Bronx Zoo saying a group of volunteers was going to Patagonia to band penguins and would
  7. American Bird Conservancy Position Summary Title: Forester Location: Grand Rapids, MN Reports to: Minnesota Private Lands Forester Term: Renewed annually based on funding availability. Application Submission Deadline: August 13, 2021 To Apply: Please apply online at Bamboo HR. Introduction: American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is the Western Hemisphere's bird conservation specialist. ABC is the only organization with a single and steadfast commitment to achieving conservation results for birds and their habitats t
  8. American Bird Conservancy Director of Migratory Bird Wintering Ground Conservation Position Summary: Title: Director of Migratory Bird Wintering Ground Conservation Supervisor: Vice President of Threatened Species Location: TBD (Flexible) To Apply: Please apply online at BambooHR: https://abcbirds.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=112 Introduction: The Director of Migratory Bird Wintering Ground Conservation will be responsible for leading and co
  9. American Bird Conservancy Texas Coastal Education Specialist Position Summary: Title: Texas Coastal Education Specialist Supervisor: Texas Coastal Outreach Coordinator Location: Within the Texas Upper Coast Region between Harris and Brazoria Counties Term: Part-time for one year, potential to move into a longer-term full-time Submission Deadline: August 13, 2021 Please send a cover letter, resume, 3 professional references and a copy of unofficial academic transcripts to Bamboo HR: h
  10. ANNOUNCEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL VACANCY State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, New York 13210-2778 July 21, 2021 MUSEUM COLLECTIONS MANAGER - VERTEBRATE ANIMALS Campus Title: Collections Manager, Vertebrate Animals Unit: Department of Environmental Biology Professional Rank and Salary Range: SL4, Salary DOQ https://esf.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=133917 Brief Description of Duties: The State University of New
  11. Description: A research associate position is available with Dr. Mitch Weegman in the Department of Biology at University of Saskatchewan. The position is funded for four years and will contribute substantially to building a program in wetland and waterfowl conservation established by the Ducks Unlimited Canada Endowed Chair and collaborators (ducks.ca/endowedchair). The research associate will streamline use of GPS-acceleration duty cycles among thousands of devices for migratory birds, develop code for collation of millions of GPS and acceleration fixes, and help design online resourc
  12. Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy (RWC) is accepting applications for an aviculture internship for recent graduates in the field of wildlife management, natural resources, zoology or related course work. Interns receive on-the-job training alongside our internationally known staff in all aspects of aviculture working with the Conservancy's large avian captive collection of comprised of approximately 400 birds representing over 80 species from all over the world including waterfowl, cranes, pheasants, raptors and wading birds. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to participate
  13. Hi everyone, I hope you're good. I need a softcopy of Birds Of South Asia: The Ripley Guide by Pamela Rasmussen. I can't manage to afford its hardcopy neither I'm able to find it in libraries here, for my avian diversity research in Pakistan. Please do let me know if you could help in this regard. Warm regards, Azan Karam BS Zoology, UoS
  14. ScienceFriday hosting a Wednesday night trivia contest. Tune in tomorrow @8:30 p.m. for bird nerd trivia with ornithologists Juita Martinez (dinosaur floofologist) and Jordan Rutter (co-founder of Bird Names for Birds). https://www.sciencefriday.com/articles/scifri-virtual-trivia-night/
  15. Whooping Crane Outreach Program Assistant II LTE -Indiana October 2021-early March 2020 The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is looking for a community-oriented team member to provide outreach on conservation efforts for the endangered Whooping Crane. This is a limited-term employment opportunity. Salary is $15.00 an hour. Over the past 45 years, ICF has grown from the dream of two college students to a world-renowned conservation effort to save the world’s cranes and the flyways, habitats and ecosystems on which they depend. This program assistant will administer an import
  16. Whooping Crane Outreach Program Assistant II LTE -Alabama October 2021-early March 2020 The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is looking for a community-oriented team member to provide outreach on conservation efforts for the endangered Whooping Crane. This person will be based at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, housing is provided. This is a limited-term employment opportunity. Salary is $11.00 an hour plus free housing. Over the past 45 years, ICF has grown from the dream of two college students to a world-renowned conservation effort to save the world’s cranes and the fl
  17. The Senior Conservation Director (SCD) will be responsible for strengthening the Tropical Audubon policy capacity for conservation efforts, and for deepening our engagement with MDC government to enhance Tropical Audubon’s conservation impact. The SCD will also engage with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District to advocate for South Florida’s ecosystems, wildlife and their habitats relevant for MDC. Tropical Audubon has adopted an ambitious five-year strategic framework for 2021-2025, and the SCD will play a critical role in implementing the Conservati
  18. The Tonra Lab of Avian Ecology is searching for a Master of Science student to lead a project of reginal conservation importance in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. The position will begin in January of 2022. Project Description: This project is designed to examine the prevalence and spatial distribution of lake-crossing behavior in birds during spring migration. The main goal of the project is to determine potential risks of mortality from collisions with proposed installation of offshore wind turbines on Lake Erie. We will capture bir
  19. MRBO Fall 2021 Grassland Position Announcement.docx
  20. We are looking for assistant banders at a high volume station in north eastern Ontario in the boreal forest. in addition to songbirds we also band owls and hawks. If anyone is interested in a position and you all yourself a people person please apply to Bruce Murphy via email at birdboy369@gmail.com we are looking to hearing from inspired people looking for an adventure in the boreal forest.
  21. Natural Resource Solutions Inc. (NRSI) is an environmental consulting firm that focuses on technical excellence in the field of ecology with experience working on a wide range of projects across Canada, such as land developments, renewable energy, natural heritage planning, ecological restoration, and species assessments and recovery strategies. Our staff consists of terrestrial, wetland and aquatic biologists and ecologists with particular expertise in the identification and management of significant and sensitive biological communities. NRSI is looking for an enthusiastic and experienc
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  23. http://www.birdlife.org/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/news/egyptian_vulture_andraskovacs_1.jpg?itok=E1BVtgJ- Planting vegetation to stop the spread of deserts, bringing electricity to rural communities… these are positive steps, as long as the right preparations are made. Sadly, poorly-planned ‘sustainable’ development is having unintended but devastating consequences for threatened birds that migrate through Africa and the Middle East.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/BirdLife-news-posts-blogs/~4/LkYYefEMn8oView the full article
  24. Ornithologist Alejandra Echeverri has been nominated for the Pritzger Emerging Environmental Genius Award, Dr. Echeverri, a conservation scientist at Stanford, has a B.Sc. degree in biology from Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), an M.Sc. in resource management and environmental studies from University of British Columbia (UBC, Canada), and a Ph.D. in resources, environment and sustainability (UBC, Canada). She worked as a tropical ornithologist in environmental consulting firms in Colombia (Plyma S.A. and AmbientalMente). Dr. Echeverri also volunteered to do sustainable develop
  25. Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. (WEST), a dynamic medium size consulting firm with offices across the United States, is looking for a temporary part time, Biological Field Technician. Since 1990, WEST has grown to be one of the premier environmental and statistical consulting firms in the United States. WEST has a permanent core of professionals with broad experience in basic and applied ecological studies and the sophisticated analysis of natural resource data. Key Benefits: Competitive salary Comprehensive Medical (if working 30 or more hours a week) Sep IRA
  26. Position Overview: The American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) seeks a Scientist to join the AWWI Team. The Scientist will support AWWI’s work in developing science, tools, and strategies for both wind and solar siting and operations that minimize impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitat. This position will support the development and implementation of AWWI’s Research Program and other initiatives. This is an exciting opportunity to work in an expanding and solutions-oriented field – the dynamic intersection of renewable energy and wildlife conservation – with many of the nation’s top ren
  27. Robert B. Berry: 2021 Recipient of the Raptor Research Foundation’s and The Peregrine Fund’s Partners for Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award Robert Berry rappels to an Orange-Breasted Falcon nest. Photo by Matt Allshouse.Robert B. Berry, a falconer with few peers in our time, has dedicated his life to conserving, monitoring, and studying threatened raptors, and to building a network of people and resources to ensure the future of raptor conservation. Bob was on the forefront of the early efforts to stem the DDT-induced decline of Peregrine Falcons in North America. He was one of the founders
  28. For the first time, a team of international scientists have proven that cockatoos, an iconic Australian bird species, learn from each other a unique skill—lifting garbage bin lids to gather food. The world-first research published today in Science, confirms that cockatoos spread this novel behavior through social learning. Led by Barbara Klump and Lucy Aplin (Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior), along with John Martin (Taronga Conservation Society) and Richard Major (Australian Museum), the team have shown that this behavior by cockatoos is actually learned, rather than a result of geneti
  29. Here’s a sample of grants listed in our funding database with due dates in August or September. Bald Eagle Grant - $5,000-$20,000 - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/bald-eagle-grant-r185/ Blake-Nuttall Fund - $1,000-$5,000 - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/blake-nuttall-fund-grant-r187/ Francois Vuilleumier Fund - $500-$1,000 (Caribbean, SA, CA) - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/francois-vuilleumier-fund-r138/ Gale Monson Research Grant – up to $2000 (Arizona) - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/gale-monson-research-g
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