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Workshops & Short Courses

Announcements about upcoming workshops and short courses.

Forum Guidelines

When you start a new topic, please add the one of the tags workshop, short course, or online course and select it as a prefix. This helps your topic stand out when users use the global search tool and also improves the chances your post will be found by internet search engines.

Next, add one of the following tags describing the event to make it easier for users to find. You can also add other tags you think users might find useful.

  • banding — for banding training
  • field techniques — for training in field techniques other than banding
  • modeling — for training in statistics, data analysis, and modeling

To find topics with a given tag in this forum, click one of the links above.
To find other content with a given tag across the entire site, find a topic below and click the tag next to the topic name.
To search within this forum, use the global search tool above, enter a search term, and and select This Forum under SEARCH IN.

The forum moderators may add, remove, or alter tags for usefulness and clarity.

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