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Advanced/intermediate level banding workshop at Powermill

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The Powdermill Avian Research Center will be hosting an Advanced/Intermediate level Bird Banding Workshop this September (11-16). The focus of the workshop will be on ageing/sexing migrating passerines, with an emphasis on detecting and using molt limits. However, many criteria for ageing/sexing birds will be addressed (skull pneumatization, eye color, plumage coloration, retrix shape, ...etc.). There also will be a focus on identifying difficult fall warblers and empidonax flycatchers. The workshop includes 5 full banding days, which are complemented by afternoon lecture sessions. Lodging is provided on the reserve and the cost of the workshop is $600. To enhance the participants' experience we keep the workshops open to a limited number of people. However, this means that they can fill up quickly! For more information please contact Dr. Andrew Vitz (acvitz@yahoo.com).

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