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  1. Held as part of the Fifth North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC-V), this workshop features an international roster of speakers discussing the changing uses of avian collections and demonstrating techniques to prepare and preserve specimens. For ease of viewing, the workshop has been divided into 10 YouTubes:
  2. The Working with Birds website is a how-to guide for novices needing to prepare voucher specimens to complement their DNA studies, or needing to prepare round study skins in the field or the lab. Each of the PowerPoint presentations can be downloaded on any electronic device or printed as a handbook. Researchers not intending to collect specimens may encounter birds killed by natural causes. Photographing and measuring external and internal morphology of these dead bird results in data not previously available. This online reference manual shows how to use gonads to sex a bird, determine i
  3. If you are attending the NAOC this August in Vancouver, the following free workshop may be of interest. It is being held at the UBC Beaty Biodiversity Museum on August 14th from 1-5 pm. email: ildiko@zoology.ubc.ca to reserve a seat. http://www.naoc-v2012.com/workshops Using and contributing to avian collections Convenor: Ildiko Szabo, Cowan Vertebrate Collection, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; ildiko@zoology.ubc.ca This free workshop explains and promotes the use of avian collections, as well as demonstrating how to prepare specime
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