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  1. There are also some funding sources out there! I am not sure how updated they are on here - but check with your local Audubon or ornithological society. Some offer small grants for bird research/conservation projects.
  2. Apalachee Audubon Society of the north Florida region is seeking donations of gently used binoculars for birders in need. See blurb below. Birding is undeniably beneficial for both our physical and mental health. As many people are working remotely, seeking new ways to spend their time, and searching for solace from the spinning news cycles, it’s an opportune time to become a birder. However, financial uncertainty in the era of COVID may be a barrier for new birders in need of optics. At Apalachee Audubon, we firmly believe that birding should be accessible to everyone, especially during these stressful times. We are seeking donations of gently used binoculars to be distributed to those in need. If you have an extra pair of binoculars that are collecting dust, consider gifting them to a birder in need. Please email levy.heather789@gmail.com for donations. Thanks in advance! Heather
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