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The Northwest Ecological Research Institute’s (NERI’s) 2020 McGowan Grant Application For Neglected Corners and Niches of Ecology

Melanie Colón

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The Northwest Ecological Research Institute’s (NERI’s) 2020 McGowan Grant Application

For Neglected Corners and Niches of Ecology


NERI (http://www.nweri.org/) is offering a $1,000 grant to an individual or team in honor and memory of Brenda McGowan, a NERI supporter and co-founder of the Hubert Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project in 1987 (www.prescottbluebird.com).

Purpose: To enable an individual or team to conduct research in support of NERI’s mission statement:

The purpose of NERI is to further knowledge of Pacific Northwest natural history through research, training, and dissemination of information.

The target recipient is looking into out-of-the-main-stream research, into the neglected corners and niches of ecology.

Application Requirements:  1 page maximum (excluding references) stating the following:

1.      Project Name and Keyword(s) (maximum of 5)

2.      Applicant’s Name and contact information (including mailing address)

3.      Affiliation and position

4.      Summary of Project Purpose / Methods / Scientific Rationale

(references to existing literature are encouraged – not included in 1 page maximum)

5.      Budgeted days or hours for project by personnel and any expenses for reimbursement – in other words, how long will the project take and how much is the project estimated to cost? (see budget example below)


6.      Project reference contact information (name, position/relationship, phone number, email). The reference should be someone who knows about the project or would be helping to advise or discuss the results of the project.

Ranking Criteria:

·       Is this an underserved, niche research project?

·       Will the project answer an important question that will result in new knowledge?

·       Will this information be of use to other researchers, biologists, educators, natural resource agencies, and/or the conservation community?

·       Is NERI the best (or only) funding group for this project? Are other sources of funding being sought?

Application Deadlines:

Announcement: November, 2019; Submittal by December 21, 2019; Award by February 2, 2020.

Grant Requirement:

Upon receipt of award, grantee agrees to sign NERI’s Grant Recipient Agreement, and

Grantee agrees to either:

·       Provide a brief report [length unspecified] to NERI;

·       Present the work and results at a NERI meeting; or

·       Submit a paper for presentation at a scientific meeting or publication in a scientific or environmental newsletter or journal.

Deadline: January 31, 2021; extension available upon request.

Submit application (in .PDF or .DOC form) and any questions to: info@nweri.org and cmw.NERI@gmail.com. Previous applicants are encouraged to re-apply.

NERI is a 501(c)3 organization and NERI volunteer members (associates and officers)

are available to assist with grant writing and other support.

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