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  1. Here’s a sample of grants listed in our funding database with due dates in August or September. Bald Eagle Grant - $5,000-$20,000 - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/bald-eagle-grant-r185/ Blake-Nuttall Fund - $1,000-$5,000 - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/blake-nuttall-fund-grant-r187/ Francois Vuilleumier Fund - $500-$1,000 (Caribbean, SA, CA) - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/francois-vuilleumier-fund-r138/ Gale Monson Research Grant – up to $2000 (Arizona) - https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/gale-monson-research-g
  2. Need a little cash for your research? Here’s a sample of the grants listed in the OE funding database that typically have summer applications. Search the database yourself to find more opportunities. Association for the Study of Animal Behavior https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/asab-research-grant-r269/ Birds Queensland Research Grant https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/birds-queensland-research-grant-r172/ British Columbia Field Ornithologists Research Grants https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/british-columbia-field-ornithologists-research-gr
  3. For more information on a particular job, you should contact the employer directly.
  4. Here’s a sample of grants and awards due in the October, November, and December. Check out of our database for more. ABA Awards (various); https://www.aba.org/aba-awards/ Angus Gavin Migratory Bird Research Grant; https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/angus-gavin-migratory-bird-research-grant-r203/ Association for the Study of Animal Behavior Research Grant; https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/asab-research-grant-r269/ Dr. Bruce D.J. Batt Fellowship in Waterfowl Conservation; https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/dr-bruce-d-j-batt-fellowship-in-
  5. You might want to check out the funding database on this website. I update it fairly regularly.
  6. Here are some grants with deadlines in August. Search our database to find more grants in with upcoming due dates. https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/ STRI Earl S. Tupper post-doctoral fellowship, $50,400 +$16,000 annually for 3 years https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/earl-s-tupper-postdoctoral-fellowship-r242/ Heredity foundation field-work grant (genetics research), £1,500 https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/heredity-fieldwork-grant-r278/ Neotropical Grassland Conservancy Student Grant, $1,000 https://ornithologyexchange.org/f
  7. POSITION: Postdoctoral Scientist SALARY: $60,000/year or more commensurate with experience, plus benefits EMPLOYMENT PERIOD: 18 months (with possibility of extension pending funding) APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 10, 2020 or until filled LOCATION: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington START DATE: Summer 2020 SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND: We anticipate hiring a postdoctoral scientist to (1) develop hierarchical distance sampling models for pinniped populations in the Salish Sea (including Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca), and (2) estimate detectability for aerial surv
  8. Applied Quantitative Landscape Ecologist - Mammals or Birds Assistant Unit Leader -- US Geological Survey AZCFWRU Assistant Professor -- School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and University of Arizona (UA) wish to hire an Assistant Unit Leader in the Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (AZCFWRU). This is a year around (12‐month) permanent Federal position with the USGS at the AZCFWRU in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment, UA (starting at the GS‐12 level). The Cooperative Fi
  9. Got a little free time on your hands, here’s a quick preview of grants with deadlines listed in June and July: Association for the Study of Animal Behavior Grants, up to to £10,000, available to anyone with a Ph.D., https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/asab-research-grant-r269/ British Columbia Field Ornithologists Research Grants, up to $2,000, https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/british-columbia-field-ornithologists-research-grants-r281/ Club300 Bird Protection Grants, up to $5,000, https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/club-300-grant-r42/
  10. Clemson University: College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences: Forestry and Environmental Conservation Location: Clemson, SC (Remote work available) Open Date: Apr 15, 2020 Description The Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation seeks a Wildlife and Fisheries Resources professor with expertise in wildlife biology and management. The position is a 100% teaching position. Teaching responsibilities will include eight online graduate level wildlife biology/ecology courses (four in the Fall and four in the Spring) from the subject matter list below. This is a 9-mon
  11. Here are some grants from our database with due dates in April and May. Birds Caribbean Travel Award, Meeting Attendance, https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/birdscaribbean-travel-award-r202/ British Columbia Field Ornithologists Grants, up to $2000, https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/british-columbia-field-ornithologists-research-grants-r281/ Kenneth H. Husmann Memorial Scholarship (South Dakota Ornithologists' Union), $800, https://ornithologyexchange.org/funding/grants/kenneth-h-husmann-memorial-scholarship-r90/ Santa Monica Bay Audubon Soc
  12. This scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate student attending South Dakota State University, majoring in natural or biological science, with an interest in the environment. Application is through the Department of Natural Sciences at SDSU.
  13. An abbreviated position summary is provided below – the full announcement with additional detail about the position is available through the University of Maine’s hiring portal. Position Title: Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology; Full-time, nine-month, 75% teaching, 25% research, tenure-track appointment. Statement of Purpose: The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology at the University of Maine is pleased to announce the recruitment of a tenure-track faculty position in conservation biology at the assistant professor level. The appoin
  14. https://www.wilderness.org/news/article/gloria-barron-wilderness-society-scholarship-how-apply We will begin accepting applications for the 2020 cycle on January 24, 2020. The Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship seeks to encourage individuals who have the potential to make a significant positive difference in wilderness protection. The Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship is available to current qualified graduate students. It is created in honor of Gloria Barron, a dedicated educator and tireless advocate for wilderness protection, and administered by The Wilde
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