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Grant Applications Due in March and April

Melanie Colón

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New grants are available every month. Here's a sample of applications due in March and April:



Arctic Audubon Society: Max $2,000 http://www.arcticaudubon.org/grants.html


EBBA Memorial Research Awards: Max $1,000 http://www.frontiernet.net/~bpbird/eb00007.htm


Eppley Foundation Grant: Max $35,000 http://foundationcenter.org/grantmaker/eppley/#priorities


Fox Student Grant: Max $1,000 http://www.cooperaudubon.org


John Ball Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund: Max $2,500 http://www.johnballzoosociety.org/


Neotropical Grassland Conservation Student Grant Program: Max $500 http://www.conservegrassland.org/student_grant.htm


Rusch Memorial Game Bird Research Scholarship: Max $2,000 http://wildlife.org/rusch-memorial-game-bird-research-scholarship/


Scott Neotropical Fund: Max $5,000 http://www.clemetzoo.com/conservation/grants/scott/




There are a lot of small grants due during March and April from local Audubon and state ornithological societies. If your location is not listed above, make sure to check out the funding database for more options: http://ornithologyex...ces/grants.html. Feel free to add your own grant to the database or let us know if you find something new (or something outdated). Happy grant writing.

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