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OTS Graduate Field Courses for 2018

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Hello all,

I wanted to let you know about the courses we will be offering this coming winter and summer (dry and wet season respectively in Costa Rica). I greatly appreciate any help distributing this information.

Field Ecology: Skills for Science and Beyondhttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/field-ecology-skills-for-science-and-beyond.html>
Field Ecology: Skills for Science and Beyond is an intensive, four-week course in tropical ecology that will challenge you in every way. At its heart lie the highly regarded OTS "field problems", which engage students in the fast-paced formulation of research questions, experimental design, data collection, analysis, oral presentations, and written papers. Students will take away advanced skills in research design, data analysis, writing, science communication, and collaborative research.

When: Dec 28, 2017 - Jan 23, 2018
Duration: 4 weeks
Accreditation: 4 credits
Deadline: Oct 13, 2017
Language: English
Link to the course site: http://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/field-ecology-skills-for-science-and-beyond.html

Multimedia Science Storytellinghttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/multimedia-science-storytelling.html>
We believe in bringing the beautiful stories behind science/scientists to the world! Effective science communication achieves the goal of knowledge transfer. But great science communication captures the imagination and inspires. Great science communication takes advantage of one of the oldest human traditions - storytelling!

Where: OTS Stations in Costa Rica, La Selva, Las Cruces.
When: Jan 9 - Jan 20, 2018
Duration: 2 weeks
Accreditation: 2 credits
Language: English
Deadline: Oct 6, 2017
Link to the course site: http://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/multimedia-science-storytelling.html

Tropical Landscape Conservationhttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/tropical-landscape-conservation.html>
In this intensive and practical course, students will gain knowledge about anthropologic and natural factors, which interact to produce, restore, and conserve landscapes. Students will apply those concepts on real conservation issues, like reclamation of wetlands and unused agro-forestry areas, linking them with urban realms; in this process, we will interact with local communities, scientists, conservation officers, politicians and NGOs.

Where: OTS La Selva Research Station.
When: Jan 15 - 31, 2018
Duration: 3 weeks
Accreditation: 2 credits
Language: English
Deadline: Oct 6, 2017
Link to the course site: http://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/tropical-landscape-conservation.html

Tropical Plant Systematicshttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/tropical-plant-systematics.html>
Offered in even-numbered years, this course emphasizes a strong conceptual foundation in phylogenetic systematics in an intensive field setting. The course travels to diverse habitats around Costa Rica, from cloud forest and paramo to tropical dry forest and Atlantic lowland rain forest.
Program Details

Where: OTS Stations in Costa Rica, La Selva, Las Cruces, Palo Verde. Cuerici, San Jose Herbaria.
When: Jun 6 - Jul 9, 2018
Duration: 5 weeks
Accreditation: 6 credits
Language: English
Deadline: February 3, 2018
Link to the course site: http://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/education/graduate-opportunities/programs/tropical-plant-systematics.html


Andres Santana, M.Sc.
Graduate Program Coordinator - Costa Rican Office
(506) 25240607 ext. 1511 - http://www.tropicalstudies.org
Skype: andres.santana_otscro / twitter: @ots_tropicaledu

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