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Research and Funding Opportunities at OTS field stations, Costa Rica

Melanie Colón

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The Organization for Tropical Studies is seeking proposals for field research in tropical ecosystems, particularly those within and around OTS biological research stations in Costa Rica (La Selva, Las Cruces, and Palo Verde).

There are several categories of research fellowships available. OTS primarily funds graduate studentshttp://www.tropicalstudies.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=170&Itemid=344> in the research stages for Masters or Doctoral theses. Most projects must take place at OTS field stations in Costa Rica. There are also limited funds for research at Cocha Cashu, Peru and one small annual grant for Latin American entomology students that may be carried out anywhere in the American tropics.

OTS's newest program, Emerging Challenges in Tropical Sciencehttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/emerging-challenges-in-tropical-science.html> provides new research opportunities for early career scientistshttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/emerging-challenges-in-tropical-science/ects-research-fellowships-ects-r.html>, graduate students, faculty on sabbaticalhttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/emerging-challenges-in-tropical-science/ects-sabbatical-fellowships-ects-s.html> and researchers seeking to share unpublished data setshttp://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/emerging-challenges-in-tropical-science/ects-golden-data-fellowships-ects-gd.html> from OTS sites. Priority will be given to researchers from OTS member institutions. Three key questions form the core of research supported at OTS field stations by this program:

* How do tropical ecosystems respond to a changing climate?

* How do natural and human-dominated systems interact?

* How can we restore tropical ecosystems? http://education.tropicalstudies.org/en/ects-questions/ects-3>

The OTS website, at www.tropicalstudies.orghttp://www.tropicalstudies.org>, provides information about its education programs, research facilities and research funding opportunities. Find the guidelines for research proposals by clicking on the links highlighted above for graduate students and others.

Deadlines: Early career scientists by 13 February 2017 and 26 June 2017; graduate students by March 1 and October 1 each year.

Address inquiries for graduate student opportunities to Barbara Lewis, Graduate Education Program.

Email: barbara.lewis [at] tropicalstudies.org

Address all inquiries about the new Emerging Challenges in Tropical Science opportunities to Rebecca Cole, Las Cruces Director,

Email: rebecca.cole [at] tropicalstudies.org


Andrés Santana, M.Sc.
Graduate Program Coordinator
Organization for Tropical Studies
San Pedro, Costa Rica. 676-2050
(506) 2524-0607 ext. 1511
Skype: andres.santana_otscro // twitter: @ots_tropicaleduhttps://twitter.com/ots_tropicaledu>

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