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3rd World Seabird Twitter Conference

Melanie Colón

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Hello everyone,

this year's World Seabird Twitter Conference (#WSTC3) will be held from
12-14th April 2017.
It is a carbon friendly and free science communication event exclusively
held on Twitter. Seabird researchers, conservationists and NGOs from all
over the world will share their work in 6 tweets. Last year's conference was
a huge success with a reach of more than 2 MILLION people.
This year,there will be further new additions such as invited plenary
speakers and live streamed expert panel Q&As.

For everyone working in the field, abstracts can be submitted until the 10th
of February.
For everyone else interested in seabirds, we hope that you will join the
conference and discussion by following the hashtag on Twitter (#WSTC3).
If you do not have a Twitter account, you can read up on the conference
tweets via the Seabird Union website noted below.

The success of the conference is highly dependent on its reach in social
media. You can increase its reach and support the event by donating a FREE
Facebook post or tweet via Thunderclap following this link:

To sign up or for more information on the conference visit:

Thank you very much and please help us spread the word!

Saskia Wischnewski & Max Czapanskiy (Co-chairs of #WSTC3)

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