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Modeling Patterns & Dnamics of Species Occurrence Introductory Workshop

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*Introductory Workshop*

This 4.5-day will introduce many of the latest methods for modeling
patterns and dynamics of species occurrences in a landscape while
accounting for imperfect detection of the species. Participants will be
introduced to available software through worked examples, and there will
be special emphasis on aspects of study design. Topics to be covered
include: single-season occupancy models for patterns in species
occurrence, building predictive models for species occurrence, creating
maps of species occurrence probabilities, e.g., species distribution
maps, multiple-season occupancy models for dynamics of species
occurrence and changes in distribution, important study design
considerations, and sample size determination. The workshop is intended
for individuals with minimal → moderate experience with occupancy
models (or, alternatively, mark-recapture models).



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