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Seeking animal flight/evolution expert for comment on film production

Melanie Colón

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My name is Sam and I am a freelance education consultant. I am currently
working on a project for Atlantic Productions
http://www.atlanticproductions.tv/>, a UK-based film group that produces
many of the David Attenborough specials.

I am currently seeking an expert in animal flight/evolution that can review
and comment on how we address these subjects in an educator guide for U.S.
grades K-8. This guide supports a new giant screen film, Conquest of the
Skies http://www.conquestoftheskies.com/>, to be released early 2017 in
North America.

If you are an expert in animal flight (insects or mammals or birds!) and
evolution, AND have experience in STEM education, I'd love to hear from
you. The work should take 3-5 hours of work from December 16-23, 2016.

This position is a subcontractor position and pays $300 USD total.

If you are available and interested, please email me with a resume
describing your experience in animal flight, evolution, and education.

Thank you very much for your consideration!


Samantha Zuhlke


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