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Request for Assistance - Broken wing display survey

Melanie Colón

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BROKEN WING DISPLAY SURVEY – Our mission is to create a phylogenetic tree based on the presence of the broken-wing display in birds of the world, along with determining whether this behavior is a learned or inherent trait in these birds’ populations.   In order to properly research these questions, we need a huge amount of data from a broad range of observers.  The broken wing display is defined as a parent feigning an injury to the wing in order to lure an intruder and potential predator away from a nest, nestlings, or young. The severity of the reaction varies, but the theme of dragging wings and moving steadily away from the nest is consistent in literature.  We would like this survey to be filled out by anyone who has witnessed the broken wing display.  The survey is located at https://goo.gl/forms/IdCb1wJvJ4hDyzJI2  We appreciate your participation, Cal Poly SLO Broken Wing Team (EM: brokenwingteam.calpoly AT gmail.com

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