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Melanie Colón

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VITAL RATES OF NORTH AMERICAN LANDBIRDS WEBSITE – The Institute for Bird Populations announces the completion of the Vital Rates of North American Landbirds website, which provides results of temporal and spatial modeling of capture-mark-recapture and constant-effort capture data on 158 landbird species collected as part of the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program between 1992 and 2006.  These analyses provide year- and BCR-specific estimates of, and pairwise correlations among, annual population change (lambda), adult apparent survival, recruitment, residency, and indices of adult population density, productivity (young/adult), and post-breeding effects (recruitment/productivity) for each of the 158 species.  Species account narratives for each species discuss the results of these analyses, and provide hypotheses regarding the demographic drivers of temporal and spatial variation in annual population change and where in the annual cycle these drivers may act, along with suggestions for research and management efforts to reverse population declines and maintain stable or increasing populations.  This resource, that may help to inform conservation efforts for these species, may be accessed at http://www.vitalratesofnorthamericanlandbirds.org

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