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I was trying to run FLightR and when trying to run the '
all.in' function I got the following message: 

Error in create.proposal(Processed.light, start = start, Grid = Grid) : 
  object 'start_no_polar' not found

I ran this function:



I'm not surprised that the function was unable to find 'start_no_polar' as I haven't defined it. I haven't found 'start_no_polar' defined in any examples of FLightR analysis that I have come across, and I don't know what I should be defining it as. 

Would anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed? 
Any help would be appreciated! 

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I think start_no_polar has something to do with correcting twilights when the tag is near the poles. I guessing this sort of thing should not apply to your data set, but just for fun you could try setting a lower latitude value and see what happens. 


The make-rerun-objects function is a wrapper that is calling several other functions. the error you see is probably due to a missing parameter in one of those internal functions. I don't think you can set "start_no_polar" in the make-rerun-objects function. But why that error occurs I do not know.


Sorry not a very helpful answer. If Eldar does not chime in at some point, then maybe thing about posting your code and data on Github so we can try to replicate your problem.


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