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  1. Hello! I am currently using FLightR to analyze some geolocator data, and am trying to visualize the error around the migration route that is estimated by the package. I am attempting to plot the mean latitude and longitude from the results with both the 1st and 3rd quartiles and the 95% confidence interval (CI). Essentially, I am trying to merge the figures produced by the map.FLightR.ggmap() function and the plot_lon_lat() function. I have tried plotting the migration route with error bars, as well as plotting the quartiles and confidence intervals as lines in ggplot2. Unfortunately I have
  2. Hi Eli, Thanks for your help! Subsetting the data worked. And thanks for your recommendations. I will keep as many transitons as possible. Thanks again, Amélie
  3. I should also add that I have tried removing both sunrise and sunset times for the same day or light curve when there either are unrealistic, and have found that they also aren't deleted when I look at the twl data. Thanks, Amélie
  4. Hi Eli, Thank you for the response. I was trying to delete transitions that using the preprocessLight function in hopes of cleaning up my data to run it in FLightR. I deleted transitions in preprocessLight by clicking the "d" key in the fourth step, and recorded by hand which transitions I deleted, so as to have a reference after to see whether specific transitions were removed. When I looked at the results from the preprocessLight function, none of the transitions I deleted were gone, they were all still present. Below I have included some twilight data, the records in red I attempted t
  5. Hello again, I ran the following code to preprocess with BAStag: # Set threshold threshold = log(4.5) # Preprocess in BAStag twl lmax = 12) In the preprocessLight function I deleted inaccurate twilights with the 'd' key in the four stage which caused them to turn grey. I then moved on and saved my results. # Save result as csv write.csv(twl, paste("twl.csv", sep = "?/"), row.names = F) # Converts twilights into appropriate format twl$Twilight tz= "GMT") # Account for storing maximum values for each 5 minute period. # Adjust t
  6. Hello everyone, How do you delete twilights using the preprocessLight function in BAStag? The help file indicates that at stage four you should be able to use the 'd' to toggle deletions. I have found that this changes the color of the sunrise or sunset from orange or blue to gray, but when I show the results of my defined twilights against the raw data that they appear again. I'm certain it's an easy fix, I'm just unsure how to do it. Thanks for your help! Amélie
  7. Hello! I am interested in plotting the results from the Estelle Model in SGAT as graphs of latitude and longitude over time while showing the error (similarly to the 'plot.lat.lon()' function in FLightR). Would anyone have any recommendations on how to do so? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Amélie
  8. Hello! I was trying to run FLightR and when trying to run the 'all.in' function I got the following message: Error in create.proposal(Processed.light, start = start, Grid = Grid) : object 'start_no_polar' not found I ran this function: all.in113 I'm not surprised that the function was unable to find 'start_no_polar' as I haven't defined it. I haven't found 'start_no_polar' defined in any examples of FLightR analysis that I have come across, and I don't know what I should be defining it as. Would anyone have any recommendations on how to proceed? Any help would be appreciated!
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