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  1. Hi Beata, What kind of overlapping dates you get? It is likely that dates will overlap at the ends - around 90-95% percentile. Try adjusting prob.cutoff to e.g. 0.5 in the stationary.migration.summary. I think you should get the same results as from find.times.distribution then. Hope this helps, Eldar
  2. Hi Eli, Everything works for me at the moment, but after updating R and ggmap to the newest versions. Stamenmaps also fail a lot, and thus are hard to use within a function. I will wait for something more reliable before changing a function myself, but everyone is welcome to write a map_FLightR_stamenmap() Cheers, Eldar
  3. Hi Ana, these cut-off probs just measure how many particles movet between time t and t+1. 0.1 will say that there was movement between two periods if at least 10% of particles moved >25 km. 0.5 would mean 50% chance. Generally you better make it higher than lower. There is so far no established approach on how to select a proper value here. Hope this helps, Eldar
  4. So you can install it directly from there with the install.packages(). 0.4.9 version introduces FLightR2Movebank( ) function that saves result formovebank upload. The latest version is on GitHub, as always.
  5. Hi Jenny, 1. You could try increasing the distance they are allowed to fly. The maximum distance can be fixed in particle.filter and the mean and sd in make.prerun.object. 2. Try running first without any spatial constrains. It sometimes happen that particle filter just cannot find a proper solution if bir migrated to far every day for a long period. Hope this helps, Eldar
  6. This is strange. I have just tried installing from GitHub and got the 0.4.9... It is not on CRAN yet, so do not try there. Eldar
  7. Please note that there was a bug in FLightR 0.4.8 that creared weird resuls with point jumping all over the place - Please update FLightR to 0.4.9: devtools::install_github('eldarrak/FLightR') Eldar
  8. Hi Dan, I have discovered a bug in FLightR 0.4.8. Please reinstall from Grithub with devtools::install_github('eldarrak/FLightR') and report whether you still have problems. Sorry for the inconvenience. Eldar
  9. Hi Dan, rtools is not a package, so you should download it from here https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/Rtools/ and install manually. Hope this helps, Cheers, Eldar
  10. Hi Don-Jean, I would suggest you reread the original file starting from the deployment date and plug the already created calibration into it. Hope this helps! Eldar PS Note that in many cases you get too clean results in case of rooftop calibration, so you might want to find the wintering site and recalibrate there to get reasonable uncertainty estimates.
  11. Hi Hendrik, Yes, we had this issue already with some other roof top calibrations. I must admit that on bird works better. The calibration consists of the two main parameters - slope (mean+- sd) of measured irradiance vs expected irradiance. Mean should be the same, but the sd differs between the roof top and the on bird. Hope this helps, Eldar
  12. Hi Allison, I can add a tag to FLightR to make it processing yur tags automatically. DO you have on bird calibration data from several tags? If so, sould you sent me those together with the calibration coordinates? I will try to have a look. Cheers, Eldar
  13. There was a bug in FLightR causing this error for tagging location above 65 but below 66 degrees N. Fixed now in FLightR >=0.4.8 (at the moment GitHub only).
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