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Melanie Colón

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The World Owl Hall of Fame is currently seeking nomination for its 2016 awards.  The awards are for people and owls who have made this world a substantially better place for owls.  Three awards are given:  The Champion of Owls Award is given to humans who have had a broad geographical impact (usually at least one continent) on owls in multiple fields such as conservation, science, legislation, education, and/or rehabilitation, usually over a lifetime.  The Special Achievement Award is for humans who have made a significant contribution to owls through a specific project or for efforts in a specific geographic area.  The Lady Gray'l Award is for an owl who as an individual (usually with the assistance of some humans) has had a significant impact toward making this world a better place for owls, in multiple fields such as education, research, rehabilitation, or changing cultural attitudes.  Nominations are due by 31 Aug 2016 and will be judged by a panel of five owl experts from four countries.  Winners will be notified in late September and awards will be presented at the International Festival of Owls on March 4, 2017 in Houston, Minnesota, USA. You can find more information and nomination forms at (URL: http://www.festivalofowls.com/halloffame.html).  Awards are sponsored by the International Owl Center, the Global Owl Project and Tanja Sova.

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