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scientific leadership training opportunity, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2016

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Dear ecology and conservation biology colleagues,

The Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota is excited to announce a 3-day
leadership workshop taught by Peter Redstone and Martin Bloxham of Barefoot Consulting on Aug. 30-
Sept. 1, 2016. You may know Peter and Martin for their trainings to environmental NGOs, to help
environmental scientists develop engagement skills and increase strategic effectiveness. They offer a
course open to any applicant in the UK, and now they’re bringing that course to the US care of the
Institute on the Environment.

We seek participants for this unique training opportunity. Would you please forward this announcement
to anyone who might benefit from leadership training?

The application is simple and online at http://environment.umn.edu/csl-workshop/. 15 seats are available
to individuals from any organization within the US and Canada.

The course will provide practical tools to increase the impact and effectiveness of environmental
researchers and practitioners. Participants will learn how to engage new partners in their work, be more
strategic in the environmental engagement and research that they pursue, and be more effective in
influencing others in a collaborative and interactive way. The course is directed to established
professionals seeking to enhance their work on solutions to environmental dilemmas and build their
network with other leaders.

Thank you again for passing along this opportunity.

Jessica J. Hellmann
Director, Institute on the Environment
Russell M. and Elizabeth M. Bennett Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
University of Minnesota

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