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New grant matching service

Melanie Colón

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From ecolog -


For the past few months the Instrumentl team and I have
been working hard to build something that could take getting you funded to
the next level. We built grants.instrumentl.com to help match you with
grants and make the application process as simple as possible.

Here's how it works.

1. You tell us about your science
2. We send grants each month that you're perfectly matched for
3. You can apply to any of your matches with our easy forms
4. We handle all of the formatting and make sure you never miss a

We're focusing on grants in the ecology/conservation fields right now
because that's what we know best and we'd honored to have this community be
part of our first customers. Check out the new site
let us know what you think, and let's get you funded!

As always, thanks for the support!


PS - Did you know? On average, researchers spend 40% of their work week
looking for and applying to grants!

Katharine Corriveau
(510) 684-4978

Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Instrumentl> and Twitter
Visit us at:
www.instrumentl.com (crowdfunding)
grants.instrumentl.com (grants)

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