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Wildlife/Conservation learning experience, South Africa

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Wildlife/Conservation learning experience – Near KRUGER NATIONAL PARK SOUTH AFRICA with Intern Africa

Last Date to Apply:
01 Jan 2017

This organization offers the wildlife/conservation learning experience near the Kruger National Park.

The project has simplified the course to “easy to understand” practical subjects and lectures in order that the student/volunteer can apply the knowledge, thus acquired, immediately to the bush experience.

The training program and study course is designed to bring the student/volunteer in close contact with nature, wildlife and conservation, encourage eco-friendly utilization of South Africa’s nature and wildlife resources, point out ways and methods to generate revenue to be re-invested in conservation and preservation.

The subjects that are covered during the program:

What to do in a dangerous situation facing one of the Dangerous 9 African mammals?
What is Conservation Management and how is it implemented in a Nature Reserve?
How to identify African mammals and how to read their behaviour?
Birds, birding and raptors
The night sky
What snake is that? The identification and important information of Southern African snakes and other reptiles
Hunting versus Poaching, what is the difference? How can you make a difference?

Practical implementation of theoretical modules
Survival and Navigation
The surprise day – students/volunteers will not know beforehand, as you will simulate being lost in the wilderness. You will then receive a map with a destination indicated on the map. At the destination you will build a camp, collect food & water and the most important make a fire without using matches, lighters or any other commercial equipment. This is also a night out under the stars and you return the next morning to camp. You will have the opportunity to practice all the bush skills you have learned during bush walks, drives and theoretical modules. You will be accompanied by one of the qualified nature guides who will be armed for the your safety.Birding at the dam as practical of the 40 bird species you will learn during your stay

The night sky practical will take place at the hide at the dam. You will have the opportunity to discover the breath taking Southern Hemisphere night sky and identify the constellations and prominent stars and planets visible during your stay. Night navigation using the Southern Cross (also known as the Crux) will also be introduced to you.

Poaching is a major threat to the world’s wildlife. You will partake in wildlife crime scene management and visit the local anti-poaching unit for an interview.

All theoretical modules will be implemented in the field on a daily basis. The changes to the program give more structure to the day-to-day life during your stay. This will also ensure you are guaranteed to have a holistic experience of Southern Africa’s wildlife and conservation management.

Qualifications: No qualifications necessary

Website: http://www.intern-africa.eu

Contact: Anouk, anouk@intern-africa.eu

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