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Multivariate Analysis with Vegan in R

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Multivariate Analysis with Vegan in R
A Multivariate Analysis Workshop will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux Falls, SD, 7-11 March 2016.
This introductory-level workshop will provide biologists and graduate students with the basic background to understand the mainstream analyses performed in R, using the Vegan package. A mixture of lectures and laboratory exercises will be provided. Participants will learn the basics of diversity indices, measures of similarity/dissimilarity, clustering, and ordination of ecological datasets. Analyses to be covered include:

* Principal Components Analysis / Correspondence Analysis (PCA / CA)

* Redundancy Analysis / Canonical Correspondence Analysis (RDA / CCA)

* Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling (NMDS)

* PERMANOVA (adonis)

* Constrained Analysis of Principal Coordinates (capscale)

* Other related techniques: transformations, permutation tests, restricted permutations
Ideally, students will have some or limited prior experience with R and have a need for analysis of community or landscape data in the near future.
Format for the workshop will be a combination of lectures and computer lab exercises. The workshop will start on Monday morning, 8:30 AM, and at 8:00 AM Tuesday-Friday. The instructor will provide one-on-one project consulting on Friday.
Graduate students have the option of earning 3 graduate credit hours for the course. Please contact us for details on how to apply for and earn these credits, if interested.


Dr. Gavin Simpson, University of Regina, Canada.

Gavin is an internationally renowned quantitative environmental scientist, particularly for his work on the development of Package Vegan for R. He has over 13 years of experience in applying statistical techniques to ecological and environmental data, starting at University College London, before moving to the Institute of Environmental Change and Society at the University of Regina in 2013.


Registration cost for the 5-day workshop is $900. This fee includes course materials, facilities for the workshop, lunch Monday through Thursday, and morning and afternoon refreshments. All other costs (i.e., travel, lodging, remaining meals, etc.) will be the responsibility of the workshop participant.


Please visit our website: http://thetributarygroup.com

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