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Learn about NSF Program Director opportunities at ESA

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The Directorate for Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation is currently recruiting program directors (http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2015/bio15001/bio15001.jsp?org=BIO). Several permanent and temporary program directors from two divisions and four programs will be attending ESA in Baltimore next month (listed below). Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to connect with NSF staff before or during the meeting to learn more about the exciting work opportunities available at NSF. NSF staff will be available at an information booth (#438), so please stop by during the meeting or arrange a specific time to meet with a program director. Please share this information with your colleagues. Division of Environmental Biology - Alan Tessier (http://www.nsf.gov/div/index.jsp?div=DEB) Ecosystem Science - Matt Kane, Behzad Mortazavi, Henry Gholz Evolutionary Processes - Sam Scheiner Population and Community Ecology - Doug Levey, Betsy Von Holle, Alan Wilson Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (http://www.nsf.gov/div/index.jsp?div=IOS) Physiological and Structural Systems - Irwin Forseth NSF related activities during ESA, 9-14 August, 2015: Baltimore, MD Monday 10, Thursday 14 August, All-day, Baltimore Convention Center Poster/Exhibit Hall. NSF Information Booth (Exhibitor #438) http://esa.org/baltimore/floor-plan-2/ Monday 10, August, 8:00 PM-10:00 PM, Baltimore Convention Center 309. Special Session (SS 10): New Frontiers: Bridging the Gaps Between Continental and Global-Scale Research Networks, A Special AGU-ESA Event and Evening Social http://eco.confex.com/eco/2015/webprogram/Session10795.html Thursday 13, August, 11:30 AM-1:15 PM, Baltimore Convention Center 316. Workshop (WK 53): Federal Agency Networking Session http://eco.confex.com/eco/2015/webprogram/Session10708.html -- Alan Wilson, Program Director, Population and Community Ecology, Division of Environmental Biology National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 635, Arlington, Virginia 22230 aewilson@nsf.gov; (p) 703-292-5190; (f) 703-292-9064

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