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The following was posted on ecolog LISTSERV today (https://listserv.umd.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind1411c&L=ecolog-l&X=4D89495734A47F7472&Y=melaniec%40neo.tamu.edu&P=5809). I thought it might be of interest to some OE readers.


Dear Ecologgers,


We are excited to announce a new initiative called #ECRpaper launching this

Thursday (tomorrow)! We hope all of you will participate in this initiative

described below and in this blog post on INNGE's blog



Tweetable summary: "#ECRpaper - every Thursday - tweet early career papers

with a topical hashtag - read them herehttp://www.innge.net/ecrpaper"


Background: The amount of work published each month is staggering. Many of

us understandably resort to scanning tables of contents for big names. This

is unfortunate for early career researchers because our work is being

overlooked. It is also unfortunate for the progress of science because it

means the ideas of fresh thinkers are being overlooked. Work done by early

career researchers foretells the directions our fields are moving and often

showcases cutting edge techniques. Therefore, we think it is particularly

important that we--those early in our careers--read work by our peers.


#ECRpaper: We think it is time to improve the exposure of early career

papers by using the power of Twitter for the good of early career

scientists and science in general. Here's our suggested solution:


Every Thursday afternoon, tweet about a paper with an early career

researcher as the primary author. Include #ECRpaper and a topical hashtag

as well as the twitter handle of the author if available.


An easy place to read all these tweets in one place will be on INNGE's

#ECRpaper aggregator (http://innge.net/ecrpaper), which organizes tweets by

field of study.


Here's what we hope to achieve with #ECRpaper:

-Foster debate and discussion about research by early career scientists

-Build connections among early career researchers and expand their

colleague networks

-Help early career researchers see directions other early career

researchers are moving

-Help everyone see the directions their fields are moving

-Bring publicity to work by early career scientists


You do not have to be an early career researcher to join this movement.

Scientists from all career stages are encouraged to participate. We all

benefit when early career scientists are supported to do the best work they



Now is the time to think about the paper you want to tweet on Thursday.


We hope to see you there,


Will Wetzel, (@wcwetzel), Mariah Meek (@mhmeek), Peter Søgaard Jørgensen






William Wetzel

Population Biology Graduate Group

University of California, Davis


twitter: @wcwetzel

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