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Zoology in the Cloud Forest

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Just a couple of places left! You do not have to be a student to take the course. Contact us for more information.





Zoology in the Cloud Forest

La MICABiological StationEl Cope,Cocle Province, Panama04-14 January 2015Instructors: Dr. Julie M. Ray and Dr. Kevina Vulinec Description: The course, “Zoology of the Cloud Forest,”leads students on an educational tour through the animals that occur in theunique cloud forest habitat of central Panama. Students begin by gainingknowledge of the environment and then learn about invertebrates, fishes,amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Field trips allow for the sightingand hands-on experience of the various taxa. An invertebrate survey providesstudents the experience of conducting a small research project in the cloudforest. Credits: If you would like to receive university credit forparticipation in this course, arrangements can be made between your universityand the director of La MICA Biological Station. Most common credits will beindependent study or special topics courses. Please email Dr. Ray (la.mica@yahoo.com) to discuss thistopic. Cost: The cost for the course is $850 per person andrequires a nonrefundable deposit of $150. This price does not include airfare,any university credits you may want to receive, any travel insurance, or thetexts required or recommended for the course. You also are encouraged to bringspending money is you would like to purchase snacks, gifts or souvenirs. Please contact Dr. Ray (la.mica@yahoo.com) to register or for more information. There currently are just 8 spotsremaining!

Julie M. Ray, Ph.D.Director(a)La MICA Biological StationFundación Centro de Investigación Biológica El Copé, S.A. (Panama)El Cope-La Pintada. Provincia de Cocle. Republica de Panamahttp//www.lamica.org

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