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Bob Sargent, 1937 - 2014

Melanie Colón

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Alabama bird-bander, Bob Sargent, died recently.

For more than 20 years, Bob Sargent, his wife Martha and many volunteer bird lovers gathered in the woods of the Fort Morgan peninsula to band as many migrating birds as possible each spring and fall.

The Sargents created the nonprofit Hummer/Bird Study Group to finance their efforts.

"We as humans have been around here for about 15,000 years. These birds have been doing what they do for uncountable generations. They were here first. They've got a right to be here," Sargent said in an interview in October 2012. "They're just following the routes their ancestors used. We're moved into their way. It's up to us to protect the birds, because they have no voice. We have to make sure they have a place to live."

From: http://www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2014/09/mobile_baldwin_obituaries_for_18.html

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