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A study of how and why we communicate our science with non-peers

Melanie Colón

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Dear Colleague,


We are conducting research on the science

communication patterns, styles, and expectations

of ecologists in various positons, including

government agencies, non-profits, academia, and

industry. Whether you communicate your science

with individuals or groups regularly,

occasionally, or not at all, we would greatly

appreciate 10 minutes of your time to assess how

and why we as ecologists engage (or not) with others about science.


Our study is being conducted through the

University of Hawai’i along with the following

collaborators: Stacy Baez (Old Dominion

University), Lauren Garske (UC-Davis), Jennifer

Griffiths (Stockholm University), Emily Henry

(Oregon State University), Lesley Knoll (Lacawac

Sanctuary), Kevin Rose (UW-Madison), and Adrienne

Sponberg (ASLO) with funding support from NSF

(OCE08-12838). For more information, please

contact one or both of the principal

investigators: Drs. Paul Kemp (paulkemp @

hawaii.edu) or Peter Levi (plevi @ wisc.edu).


To take the survey and for additional information

on our research, please click here:






Peter Levi, University of Wisconsin­Madison

Paul Kemp, University of Hawai’i


Our research and recruitment materials were approved by UH-IRB on 07-JUN-2014.



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