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Job opportunities at the National Institute of Ecology (NIE) in South Korea

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Posted by David Inouye on ecolog (https://listserv.umd.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind1406c&L=ecolog-l&X=43E7FA55E5EF679F6C&Y=melaniec%40neo.tamu.edu&P=62)


Job opportunities at the National Institute of Ecology (NIE) in South Korea


Dr. Jae C. Choe, the President of a newly-established National

Institute of Ecology in South Korea, will introduce the NIE and talk

about job prospects at the Institute on the campus of UCLA (La Kretz

Hall Suite 300) on 25 June 2014, Wednesday, 2~4 pm. The NIE is an

ecological research, education and exhibition complex that includes

research facilities and greenhouses, restored forests and wetlands,

and exhibition gardens and biodomes (showcasing tropical, desert,

Mediterranean, temperate and polar biomes). Positions will be

available in ecology, evolution, climate change, biodiversity

conservation, big data management, and setting up an open data

platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services. For further

information, please contact Sarah Kim

(sarahkim@nie.re.kr, +82-41-950-5301

(office), +82-10-2448-9650 (mobile)).


[Editorial note - I have made two visits to the NIE in the past three

years, and was very impressed by the facilities I saw there last

fall. The site is about an hour SW of Seoul, accessible by train.

There is not a tradition of training ecology researchers yet in

Korea, so Jae is advertising more widely for researchers. He'll be

in California later this month, and has set up this seminar to

advertise the opportunities at the NIE. - David Inouye]

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