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Frank Rozendaal 1957-2013

Melanie Colón

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On December 3, 2013 Frank Rozendaal died after a short illness. Most subscribers of Dutch Birding will know him as one of the founders of the Dutch Birding Association. The very first article in the first issue of Dutch Birding was from his hand and gave him a pen and ink drawings by featuring and overview of the influx of Yellow-billed Loons in the winter of 1979. He also designed the logo of Dutch Birding, the (then juvenile) Ross' Gull. He kept an authoritative section on 'Asian-Pacific birds until 1994. This resulted among other things in an article about noise and taxonomy of the Sulawesi Nightjar and five articles on pittas (e.g., Species limits within Garnet Pitta complex, the species status of the Black-crowned Pitta). He further developed his talents as an artist, and he worked as a translator, for the ANWB bird guide.


Frank's passion lay with the birds of Southeast Asia. He wrote a doctoral thesis on the ornithological work of the Bartels family in present-day Indonesia and in fact he joined in their footsteps. In 1979-87 he discovered a number of species new to science in Southeast Asia with his wife Carla: Rust Brown Pitfall, Tanimbar Bush Warbler. Along with George Sangster he described described Mees' Nightjar on Flores and Sumba. He has written many other interesting items, and he contributed to the work of authors for various Asian field guides. We wish strength to cope with this great loss; http://www.frankgerardrozendaal.com.


Translated from: http://www.dutchbirding.nl/news.php?id=883

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