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Unifying Ecology across Scales

Melanie Colón

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Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Mentoring Program

Gordon Research Conference: Unifying Ecology across Scales


Time and Place:

July 19-25, 2014 at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine


Conference Description:

Ecological patterns and processes occur at multiple scales of space, time,

and organization. This complexity makes predicting ecological responses

challenging because changes in one scale can have profound impacts on

patterns and processes at other scales. Because subdisciplines have

traditionally focused on one or two scales, we have few approaches that

enable us to predict the connections and feedbacks across scales that shape

biodiversity. This Gordon Research Conference, titled "Unifying ecology

across scales: the roles of nutrients, metabolism, and physiology" will

bring a small group of experts together to explore how the flow of energy

and nutrients can be used to understand patterns and processes across

scales. Research interests of the participants will span diverse areas of

ecology, evolution, and physiology, but are united by the goal of use

energetics and stoichiometry to unify subdisciplines of ecology. The

schedule includes a 5-day research conference (co-chaired by Morgan Ernest &

Michael Angilletta) preceded by a 2-day research seminar oriented toward

students and postdocs (co-chaired by Sarah Supp & Sarah Diamond).


Mentoring Program:

The National Science Foundation will support a mentoring program for this

conference aimed at graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. This

program will provide participants with the following benefits: 1) an

opportunity to present their research as either a short ~10 minute

‘lightning’ talk during the Gordon Research Conference or a full-length 30

minute talk during the Gordon Research Seminar, 2) one-on-one interactions

with a more senior researcher at the conference who will serve as a career

mentor, and 3) group discussions on topics pertaining to success as an

early-career scientist. Applicants must commit to attending the 2-day

seminar and the 5-day conference.


Financial Support:

Students and postdocs accepted into the program will receive up to $1000 for

registration fees and up to $300 for travel expenses. Registration for all

events includes meals and housing.


How to Apply:

Graduate students or postdoctoral researchers interested in participating in

the mentoring program for should send their current curriculum vitae and an

abstract of their proposed talk for the conference (≤ 250 words) to Morgan

Ernest at morgan.ernest@usu.edu. Both items should be combined in a single

PDF file.



5 pm EST on Feb 1, 2014


For more information:


Gordon Research Conference

Email: Morgan Ernest (morgan.ernest@usu.edu) or Michael Angilletta


Website: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2014&program=unifying


Gordon Research Seminar

Email: Sarah Supp (sarah@weecology.org) or Sarah Diamond (sediamon@ncsu.edu)


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