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Meeting: Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from community to landscape

Melanie Colón

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Dear colleagues


We are pleased to announce a meeting entitled "Ecology and acoustics: emergent properties from

community to landscape" that will take place at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in

Paris, France, June 16-18 2014.


This international event will explore the application of modern acoustic

techniques in ecological and soundscape research. This meeting offers an

opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to interact

and discuss principles, methods and applications of an acoustic approach

to ecological studies.


This invitation is extended to all scholars and researchers who are

interested in using acoustics as a tool to investigate the complexity of

the ecological processes across multiple scales, from populations to

communities and ecosystems to landscapes.


There will be a particular focus on discussing this emergent field of

research and developing an organization or an association whose

principles are to establish new paradigms, orient and stimulate

research, facilitate connections and interactions.


Papers (no poster) are welcome and the deadline to submit a title and a

short abstract is the 15th of December 2013.


Please note that the number of participants is limited to 75 and that

registration fees will be specified later. We are currently working to

keep them as low as possible.


Information and submission form is available at: http://ecoacoustics.sciencesconf.org/.


We look forward to seeing you in Paris next year!


The organising Committee


Jérôme Sueur (Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, France)

Almo Farina (Department of Basic Sciences and Foundations, The University of Urbino, Italy)

Nadia Pieretti (Department of Basic Sciences and Foundations, The University of Urbino, Italy)

Diego Llusia (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain)

Christopher Bobryk (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA)

Jamie McWilliam (Curtin University, Perth, Australia)

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