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2014 ESA Annual Meeting: Proposals for Ignite ESA, Workshops, Special Sessions, Field Trips Due Nov. 21

Melanie Colón

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Call for Proposals

Ignite ESA, Workshops, Special Sessions, Field Trips


99th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America

Sacramento, California

August 10-15, 2014



Deadline for Submission: November 21, 2013

5:00 PM Eastern Time / 2:00 PM Pacific Time

Any proposals sent by email or after the deadline will NOT be considered.


We invite proposals for Ignite ESA sessions, workshops, special sessions, and field trips at the 99th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America. The theme for the meeting is "From Oceans to Mountains: It's All Ecology."





Ignite ESA is intended to stimulate the exchange of new and exciting ideas in a short time period. Ignite ESA Sessions will be scheduled for 1.5 hours and consist of 6-10 5-minute talks which address a common theme and are presented in the Ignite style (http://igniteshow.com/). Each Ignite talk will feature 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Although there will be no time between individual talks for questions and answers, there will be a dedicated discussion period at the end of the session. Ignite ESA talks are exempted from the One Presentation Rule (speakers may speak in an Ignite session in addition to a traditional presentation elsewhere in the program).




Workshops are sessions intended to convey specific knowledge or skills; they are not intended for the presentation of research papers. Workshops are frequently more interactive and informal than sessions within the formal scientific program, and often involve extended discussion or 'hands-on' training.




Special sessions complement the formal scientific program, providing an opportunity for presentations or extended dialogue and exchanges beyond what is usually possible in the regular scientific sessions. These sessions do not conform to any single structure. Please note that they are not intended for the presentation of formal research papers.




Field trips offer attendees an opportunity to visit ecologically significant locations such as conservation areas, restoration projects, research sites, local communities, and cultural landmarks. Full day and overnight trips are held on Saturday and/or Sunday, prior to the beginning of the formal scientific program. Shorter trips can be held during the week. Field trips may be linked with scientific sessions or workshops.


Please visit the website for the 2014 ESA Annual Meeting for more in depth information on these and other types of sessions, including important deadlines.



If you have any questions, please contact the Program Chair, Hal Balbach, at hal.e.balbach@usace.army.mil, or the Program Coordinator, Jennifer Riem, at jennifer@esa

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