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The Canada’s New Noahs program is a highly valued opportunity for young biologists in Canada. Since 1990, it has filled a gap in conservation education in this country, providing practical training and field experience in managing and conserving endangered species.


The program was designed by WPC scientific advisor Richard Fyfe, a pioneer in Canadian species conservation. Each year, more than 150 candidates – including Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. level students, practising wildlife biologists, and veterinarians – request applications for the single, coveted position.


Program Objectives

To train young Canadian biologists in the techniques required to breed endangered species in captivity, reintroduce them into the wild, and manage wild populations.

To give young Canadian biologists practical field experience with in situ conservation projects that complement their academic training.

To create a network of skilled Canadian conservation biologists who focus on endangered and threatened species.

To increase public awareness in Canada about endangered species and the progress being made to save them from extinction.


Program Description

Since 1988, Wildlife Preservation Canada has selected a graduate student from across Canada to become our next Canada’s New Noah. The full scholarship includes travel, living and training expenses to enable the New Noah to participate in the Durrell Post-Graduate Diploma in Endangered Species Recovery designed to provide you with the field experience and species and human resource management skills you need to be able to run wildlife conservation projects. Based exclusively on the island of Mauritius (Indian Ocean) this course consists of four weeks of intensive theory and more than 12 weeks of practical experience, based within ‘live’ species and habitat recovery teams working to save species around Mauritius and its offshore islands. For more information on the diploma program, click here.


To Apply -



Download applications here, http://wildlifepreservation.ca/our-scientists/species/#sthash.bSfRQVZK.dpuf, for session running April 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014.




Reference Form

Letter to Referee

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