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  1. Fair enough. For me the difference was the other jobs are looking for general biologists (as in you could have ornithology experience and still apply), while this ad requires exclusive experience with a single tortoise species. I would think that requirement alone would narrow down the list to ostensibly not a single person who visits this site, as in maybe 1 or 2 people of 1000s. I may be wrong. But you're right, if it got past the admins then it is obviously fine.
  2. This seems like such a weird place to post this ad. I'm tempted to say it doesn't belong here?
  3. This post is lacking a bit of information. There's no information on funding or renumeration. There also isn't a single name of who is involved, and I would want at least one contact and the name of the principal investigator.
  4. SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR DETAILS! Volunteer add for PhD_2019.pdf
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