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Bird Banding Workshops (fall) - Powdermill Avian Research Center

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Powdermill Avian Research Center, located in southwestern Pennsylvania (www.powdermillarc.org), is pleased to announce that it will be holding two in-person bird banding workshops in September 2024:

1) Extraction and Banding Workshop: September 10-14
2) Ageing Birds by Molt Workshop: September 24-28

The Extraction and Banding workshop is designed for individuals with little or no banding experience, and focuses on safe handling of birds and extraction from mist nets, banding ethics, and banding methodology. Participants will be introduced to molt terminology, learning to age passerines using molt limits, the Pyle Guide, and molt cycle terminology.

Participants in the Ageing Birds by Molt workshop are expected to be proficient in handling and extracting birds from nets. The workshop focuses on molt terminology, learning to age passerines using molt limits (and other characteristics), interpreting the Pyle Guide, and using molt cycle terminology. This workshop is an excellent primer for the NABC Bander Certification as we cover topics in the NABC banding handbook and study guide.

Each workshop will begin on their respective Tuesday mornings and end Saturday at noon. The majority of time will be spent in the field with live birds (each banding day will begin before dawn), and these sessions will be complemented with afternoon presentations and discussions. The intended audience for these workshops is those who use bird banding in their research, including bird banding professionals, graduate students, volunteers at banding stations, wildlife professionals, or ornithologists. The cost is $750 per person, or $450 for students who are paying their own registration fee or Latin Americans who are working in Latin America. The workshops will be taught by NABC-certified Trainers and follow NABC principles, standards, and ethics.

To express interest in this workshop, please fill out the following Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/kaQiLhs1aZ Space in the workshop is limited, so please fill out the google form soon. In the coming weeks, our Banding Program Manager will contact those eligible for the workshop with an invitation to register along with additional instructions.


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