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  1. I am pleased to announce that Powdermill Nature Reserve will be holding a “Molt, Ageing, and Sexing” VIRTUAL workshop in September 2020. The workshop will begin in the morning on Friday, September 25 and end Sunday, September 27. Because this is a virtual workshop, there will not be a hands-on component, however each morning will have up-close ageing and sexing birds instruction using live birds during normal banding operations. These sessions will be complemented with afternoon or evening presentations and discussions about banding methodology, molt terminology including discussion of molt cycles, using molt limits in ageing birds, and the use of the Pyle Guide. The focus of this workshop is to train participants to recognize molt limits and to age and sex passerines. The cost is $150 per person and will be taught by NABC-certified Trainers and follow NABC principles and standards. To express interest in this workshop, please fill out the Google Form here. Space in this workshop is limited, so please fill out the google form soon. In the coming weeks, our Banding Program Manager will contact those eligible for the workshop with an invitation to register along with additional instructions.
  2. Spring Extraction/Banding Workshop: Wednesday, May 13 - Sunday, May 17, 2020 The workshop will begin before dawn on Wednesday (5/13) and end Sunday (5/17) at noon. Participants should plan to arrive Tuesday as we may have an introductory lecture that evening. The majority of time will be spend in the field with live birds, however these sessions will be complemented with some afternoon or evening presentations. This workshop is an excellent primer for NABC (North American Banding Council certifications as we will cover banding ethics, banding methodology, molt terminology, and use of the Pyle Guide. The focus of this workshop is to hone handling songbirds, extracting birds from mist nets, and banding skills, but we will also cover the other topics mentioned above, and is appropriate for beginner- to intermediate-level banders. The cost is $750/person and on site lodging (with kitchen) and breakfast is included. Space is limited, therefore priority will be given to those with opportunities to continue to utilize the skills we teach through work or volunteering. This workshop will be NABC-approved. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill out the google form: http://goo.gl/forms/kaQiLhs1aZ I will begin to send invitations to register in mid-December to early January.
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