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FLightR outlier detection

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Hi Folks,



Can anyone describe how outlier detection works in FLightR?  How does it determine which points are outliers and what are the criteria for outlier detection?


check.outliers=TRUE is part of the run.particle.filter function.





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  Hi Luke,

 I do not think it is well documented, so I will try to explain it here.

Imagine we are at time point (twilight) A, particle filter simulates new positions for point B and from those for point C. After it checks 

1. If AB average movement was more than 50 km


2. AB average distance was > AC.distance*1.3


3. AB.distance>AC.distance AND angle ABC<100 degrees


If this condition is satisfied it exclude point B.

   I know it is not very smart filtering, so I am not a big fan of it. I will be happy if someone programmes something better, e.g. Douglas filter

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