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Tag-Specific Boundaries for FLightR Analysis (log.light.borders etc.)


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I am analyzing data from a couple of light-level geologgers that were attached to Western Bluebirds; I have been going back and forth between analyzing the data with the FLightR and Geolight R packages.  Now I'm having trouble picking the tag-specific parameters for the FLightR get.tags.data function.


These tags are the sort that record light intensity as values between 0 and 127; they take a light-level reading every minute and average the readings over each 10-minute period.  So, I used the log.light.borders and log.irrad.borders as for the Intigeo tags here: https://github.com/eldarrak/FLightR/wiki/setting-up-tag-specific-boundaries.


My code: 


tag.612.FLightR.data <- get.tags.data("tag_612_twilights_TAGS_threshold_5.csv",
                                      log.light.borders = log(c(1, 127)), 
                                      log.irrad.borders = c(-3, 3), 
                                      saves = c("mean"), measurement.period = 60, 
                                      impute.on.boundaries = FALSE)
Is this correct?  And can somebody explain the difference between the log.light.borders and log.irrad.borders parameters?


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  Hi Morrijos,

 Am I right that you have some custom tags? If so it is hard to tell which values should be used for them. The main problem is log.irrad.borders as I do not know range of linear part of your sensor. General approach is to plot your calibration data and select linear period for log.irrad.values. You can try and see what will happen.

   For the log.light.borders I would exclude 127 and would make it log(c(1,126)). Do you have a stationary tag to make a calibration?


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Thanks for your reply. Yes, these are custom tags made by Dr. Bridge. I may have to contact him for the sensor specifics...


Unfortunately, I do not have a stationary tag to work with; however, the birds are (more or less) known to have stayed in a set location during the nesting season, so I can try to get some calibration info from the first weeks of logging.  

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Hi Morrijos, 


We are preparing a database for a meta-analysis of the effect of geolocators on migratory songbirds. I am writing you to kindly ask for some basic information regarding your geolocator project on Western Bluebirds. 


Could you be so kind and share with us the recapture rates of the geolocator-tagged and control birds? 


Thank you very much and kind regards, 



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