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Field Methods for Studying Avian Migration

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Instructors: Adrienne Leppold and David Brinker

Dates: Aug 21 - 27, 2016    

Location: Eagle Hill Institute, Steuben, Maine


Maine is a nexus of activity for both breeding birds and migrant individuals. This course has been scheduled to overlap the transition period from the breeding season into fall migration. The main topics of the course include 1) methods for capturing and marking wild birds, 2) methods for studying migratory behavior, and 3) data capture, analysis and application.  Days will primarily be spent in the field; however some sessions will be reserved for labs dealing with age and sex determination as well as statistical challenges and approaches, particularly with the large amount of easily amassed banding data. Field and classroom topics include, but are not limited to, mist-netting (passive and target with play-back), banding, in-hand species, age, and sex determination, use of auxiliary markers, and various emerging tracking technologies.   


For more information, go to eaglehill.us/seminars where titles are hot-linked to course descriptions and instructor biographies. This page also includes links to other pages: application information and costs, etc. For more information, contact Marilyn Mayer (Science Program Manager):  marilyn@eaglehill.us  or  207-546-2821 x1.

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