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AOU Checklist Updates

Carla Cicero

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The AOU Committee on Classification and Nomenclature of North American Birds (NACC) just posted a new set of proposals (2015-A): http://www.aou.org/committees/nacc/proposals/pending.php


The committee has also posted their votes and comments on the 2014 proposals: http://www.aou.org/committees/nacc/proposals/prior_2014.php


Proposals that passed in 2014 are incorporated into the 55th supplement to the checklist: http://www.aoucospubs.org/doi/pdf/10.1642/AUK-14-124.1


We encourage submission of proposals to the committee by non-members. Submissions should follow these guidelines: http://www.aou.org/committees/nacc/proposals/proposal_guidelines.php






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