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2014 COS Joseph Grinnell Student Research Award

Abby Powell

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This award supports beginning research efforts of Ph.D. graduate students in their first or second year of enrollment. One award of $2500 awards will be designated, in the memory of Joseph Grinnell, to support basic research in any aspect of avian biology. Projects that deal with conservation issues in avian biology should be directed to the Mewaldt-King Research Awards Committee of the Cooper Ornithological Society. Students may not submit a proposal to both award committees in the same year.



This award is open to all graduate students that are members of the COS and originally enrolled in a Doctoral program AFTER August 2011.


2014 Proposal Deadline 

Proposals must be submitted electronically on or before 4 JANUARY 2014. Students lacking internet access may submit printed copies of their materials via mail (postmarked by 1 January 2014; see mailing address below) and should include a self-addressed envelope to facilitate notification of the committee's decision. Electronic copies submitted on floppy disks via postal service will NOT be accepted.


Proposal submission 

To apply for the award, the student should submit one copy of:

1. A short research proposal (no longer than 1800 words; see format below),

2. His/her most current curriculum vitae, and

3. A letter of support from his/her major faculty advisor. It is encouraged that materials be submitted as attachments via email directly to the chair of the committee 


Scott H. Stoleson

Research Wildlife Biologist

U.S.F.S. Northern Research Station

PO Box 267, Irvine, PA 16329




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