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  1. To work as a member of our team of banders, interns and volunteers at Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) in Metchosin, B.C. (near Victoria). The Bander is responsible for banding, processing and censusing birds, as well as recording, reviewing and proofreading all data according to the migration monitoring protocol and any other protocols established for the RPBO sites. The Bander will be required to work at both of the two migration monitoring sites and complete a variety of related assigned tasks. The Bander will typically work six days per week, for approximately 7 hours starting about 45
  2. Happy New Year! Would it be appropriate to post a job posting for a Lead Educator at Rocky Point on your platform? The job posting can be found at rpbo.org: Stay safe, Kathleen -- Kathleen E. Burton Executive Director Rocky Point Bird Observatory Suite # 170 1581-H Hillside Ave Victoria BC V8T 2C1
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