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  1. I am pleased to announce “Drone Technology & Regulation: A Workshop for Biologists”, April 9-12, 2019. Held at Hastings Natural History Reserve in Carmel Valley, California, it will begin the evening of the 9th and end mid-day on the 12th of April. A joint effort between IGIS and the Western Section of The Wildlife Society, this workshop is designed to provide an overview of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology, regulations and image analysis in support of drone applications for wildlife studies. It is targeted towards participants who are interested exploring practical applications of UAS. Participants will get to practice conducting flight operations using two popular UAS platforms. Additionally, we’ll discuss geospatial technologies for monitoring and mapping natural resources with hands-on experience on practical examples. An optional 2-day ‘Mentored Research Project’ designed by David Bird, Emeritus Professor of Ornithology, McGill University and Founding Editor of the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, which allows participants to practice what they’ve learned is offered at the end of the workshop. Members of Ornithology Exchange are welcome to sign up at our member rate, $520. To sign up, please check out the workshop on the Western Section of The Wildlife Society's home page, www.tws-west.org. For additional information, contact David Bird at david.bird@mcgill.ca
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