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  1. Seeking enthusiastic long-term (4-6 weeks) Volunteers for both of our spring and autumn seasons. Our protocol involves making daily formal observations from a platform and banding passerines and small raptors for 7 hours each day. In addition, the autumn effort involves the dedicated capture of Northern Saw-whet Owls. Some experience in identification of eastern avian species and waterfowl is a major asset. Banding training and advancement is undertaken as time allows. Accommodation, food, and transportation to and from Thunder Bay is provided to those participating for 3 or more weeks. Short-term Volunteers are charged a daily fee. The station is located on the north shore of Lake Superior accessible either by boat or a 12 km. hike. For further information, questions, and application form please follow the link http://www.tbfn.net/how-to-volunteer and send to Rinchen Boardman, Program Coordinator.
  2. We are seeking keen migration monitoring assistants for both of our spring (April 29-June 8 ) and autumn (July 28-October 31) seasons. Tasks required involve banding, extracting, making formal observations, data recording and input, and basic station chores in a remote setting on the north shore of Lake Superior. Qualifications necessary are to have basic knowledge and identification by sight and sound of many eastern North American avian species. Overseas applicants with other experience are welcome. When time allows training is provided. Above all, enthusiasm, stamina, and consistency is anticipated for the duration of your stay. Long-term Volunteers (3 or more weeks) have food and accommodation provided in a communal setting at the station. Shorter term Volunteers are charged a daily fee of CDN $17.50. A simple application form is found at http://www.tbfn.net/how-to-volunteer Please send to Rinchen Boardman at arbyboardman@gmail.com Many thanks.
  3. Assistants are required to work in a crew of six undertaking observations, banding, data entry and station activities for our autumn season commencing at the end of July and running until the end of October. We are located at a remote site at the tip of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Superior. Access is primarily by boat or by a 13 km trail. Volunteers offering their services for 3-6 weeks are provided with accommodation and food. Short term individuals are charged a small daily fee. During our autumn season, we encounter Common Nighthawks, Northern Saw-whet Owls and hundreds of boreal passerines. In tandem with daily formal observations we operate both mist and hawk nets. Consideration is given to those who have identification abilities of eastern birds of North America and those who have some handling experience. Training is provided. For further information and application form please contact Rinchen Boardman found here: http://www.tbfn.net/how-to-volunteer Looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. Assistants required to monitor migrant songbirds and small raptors for both our spring (April 28- June 6) and autumn (July 28-October 31) seasons. Individuals participate in all aspects of our daily protocol including undertaking formal observations, banding, scribing, data entry, and conducting daily station chores. We are located at a remote station on the northern shore of Lake Superior and have been operating for 27 years. Accommodation and food are supplied at no charge to Volunteers offering three or more weeks participation. Short-term assistants are charged a daily fee. We have a fully equipped cabin and a sauna. There is poor internet connectivity but plenty of access to the near boreal forest. Some avian identification and exposure to banding/ringing are assets for applicants and consideration is given to those wishing to learn with enthusiasm. Training will be supplied. Application forms are easily found by searching http://www.tbfn.net/how-to-volunteer Looking forward to hearing from you.
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