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  1. The Great Green Macaw Project provides the opportunity for future conservation and the field. Biologists can learn and work closely with the incredible Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus). The subspecies (Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis) is a critically endangered bird with less than thirty (30) individuals in the wild. The species became extinct in the area of liberation, Ayampe, more than fifty years ago. Our objective is to establish a wild population in the Ayampe Reserve and its surroundings. We have the incredible support of the Loro Parque Foundation and we work together with the Jambeli Rescue Center, the only Center for the captivity of parrots in Ecuador for conservation purposes. ACTIVITIES Volunteer activities will depend on the season and will include: Data collection Monitoring of birds released with telemetry (VHF and GPS techniques) Collection of native fruits and seeds. Daily food preparation. Pre-release bird feeding and food supplement for released individuals. Maintenance of aviaries, cleaning and enrichment of cages. Environmental education in local communities. Field work: depending on the season, this will include going to the forest and climbing trees to monitor the nests. ACCOMMODATION AND FEEDING The volunteers are housed in the homes of host families who live around the Reserve. The water is not potable, so it is not recommended for human consumption, you will be available bottles of drinking water for consumption. The volunteer receives 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and snack), we have different menus in case of dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan and celiac.
  2. The Reserve Buenaventura was created in 1999 to protect the typical locality of the Perico de Orcés (Pyrrhura orcesi), which was discovered on this site by Robert Ridgely and other researchers in 1980, and described by him and Mark Robbins in 1988. In the decade of the 90's, the forest cover of this area was reduced and devastated substantially due to the creation of extensive pastures. The reserve grew from its initial 400 hectares to almost 2,000 hectares in 2011. ACTIVITIES: Volunteer activities will depend on the season and will include: Reforestation: collect seedlings and seeds for the nursery, help with planting, prepare fertilizers and monitor plots Data collection: every day, precipitation and temperature data for each station should be collected and the database updated Monitoring of trap cameras: location and review of cameras, classification and administration of photos, identification of fauna Nesting: construction, location, cleaning and constant monitoring of artificial nests for birds Monitoring of species: preparation of transects for different species of birds and record of information Hummingbird garden: provide orientation to the visitors of the garden Animal care: collection and preparation of food for feeders, ani feeding ailments, at least once a day. ACCOMMODATION AND FEEDING: The volunteer house offers comfortable areas in the rooms, living and dining room, reading room and kitchen. Electricity is available 24 hours. The bathrooms have hot water. Wi-Fi is available in the living rooms. The laundry service is offered at low cost, or volunteers can use washing machines. The volunteer is provided 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and snack), we have different menus in case of dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan and celiac.
  3. Welcome to Jocotoco! We are initiating a new volunteer program in 2018 for people of all ages, from counties around the world. Jocotoco is offering a very organized, exciting and informative program which will be carried out within the network of Jocotoco reserves, in the mega-diverse country of Ecuador. Our volunteers will participate in well planned and organized activities that will contribute to the conservation mission of Jocotoco Foundation. We will provide useful information to organize your volunteer experience, and assist you prior to your trip and while here. We will also do exit interviews prior to your departure so that we may continue improving the volunteer program. Volunteer JOCOTOCO ENG.pdf
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