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  1. The May newsletter of the Association of Field Ornithologists is now available at www.afonet.org/about/newsletter.html. To download the newsletter directly, please click here (1 MB PDF). In This Issue- AFO Returns to New England for 92nd Annual Meeting - A Message from AFO President, Kathryn Purcell- A Book List for the 2014 Annual Meeting- Avian Research Supplies: For Ornithologists and For the Birds- Bergstrom Grants Fund Five Projects from Alaska to the Andes - Bergstrom Award Recipient Pioneers Golden Swallow Science and Conservation - James Dwyer Receives 2013 Best Student Publication Award
  2. This article originally appeared in AFO Afield, the newsletter of the Association of Field Ornithologists. The Association of Field Ornithologists’ Pamela and Alexander F. Skutch Research Award is intended to support the study of life histories, especially social relations and reproduction, of little known birds of the continental Neotropics. The award was established to encourage researchers who follow Dr. Skutch’s tradition of careful, detailed field observation of avian behavior and natural histories. The grantee may be an amateur or professional ornithologist of any nationality. One award of up to $10,000 is given each year. The AFO is pleased to announce that Pablo Toledo-Monsonis, has received the 2013 Skutch Award to carry out a study on the status and reproductive success of an Agami heron colony at Lake Cocacocha in Peru. He intends to census the colony during the 2013/2014 breeding season, analyze its development since 2005, and measure nest and chick survival rates. He will also evaluate factors that may influence the colony’s population dynamics, including anthropogenic disturbance. Pablo will share what he learns with the local residents and enlist their support in protecting this reclusive and vulnerable species. Estudio del Estatus Actual y Éxito Reproductivo de La Colonia de Garza Agami (Agamia agami) Del Lago Cocococha, Reserva Nacional de Tambopata, Perú El objetivo general del presente proyecto consiste en la evaluación del estado actual y del éxito reproductivo de la colonia de cría de garza agami (Agamia agami) localizada en el Lago de Cocococha, en la Reserva Nacional de Tambopata, Departamento de Madre de Dios, Perú, durante la temporada de cría 2013/2014.
Los objetivos específicos son: Censar el número de aves reproductoras y de nidos durante la temporada de cría 2013/14 y analizar la evolución de la colonia desde el año 2005.
 Evaluar el éxito reproductivo de la especie en el área de estudio (no huevos/nido, no pollos/nido y tasa de supervivencia de los pollos) durante la temporada de cría 2013/14 y realizar un análisis comparativo de las diferentes etapas y sucesos de nidificación respecto a otras colonias reportadas. Analizar las posibles causas que puedan estar influyendo en la dinámica poblacional de la colonia, como variaciones en el clima y perturbaciones de origen antropogénico.
 Informar y sensibilizar tanto a los habitantes del Departamento de Madre de Dios, como a los miembros de las comunidades indígenas vecinas y a los visitantes de la reserva, sobre la importancia de proteger la colonia de garza agami de Cocococha para garantizar el futuro de la especie en Perú y en su área total de distribución. Elissa Landre chairs the Skutch Award committee. She is assisted by committee members Gabriel Colorado, F. Gary Stiles, Ken Rosenberg, Manuel Marin, Enrique Bucher, Jason Mobley, Luis Naranjo, and Dan Lebbin.
  3. The December newsletter of the Association of Field Ornithologists is now available at www.afonet.org/about/newsletter.html. For a direct download of this special issue on the AFO's history, please click here - 1.5 MB PDF. And if you haven't done so already, please renew your membership in AFO and other ornithological societies today at www.osnabirds.org. In This Issue- Sharpening the Focus on AFO's Past - A Message from AFO President, Kathryn Purcell- Announcement of 2014 Joint Meeting with Wilson Ornithological Society- A Look Back at AFO's First 75 Years (1922-1997)- AFO Avian Research Supplies: Netting Birds and Revenue since 1956 - Dr. Alexander F. Skutch and the AFO - We Were a Field Group for Sure: Reflections of Past Secretary Sally Laughlin - Pablo Toledo-Monsonis Wins 2013 Skutch Research Award - Bergstrom Grants Fund Four Projects in Argentina and Brazil Dan Lambert Editor, AFO Afield
  4. The June newsletter of the Association of Field Ornithologists is now available at www.afonet.org/about/newsletter.html. For a direct download of the new AFO Afield, please click here - 1.6 MB PDF. In This Issue: - Enduring Traditions Foster New Opportunities at AFO's 91st Annual Meeting - What on Earth is Ornithology Exchange? - Message from the AFO President - Student Awards and Grant Opportunities - Bergstrom Award Recipient Studies Seabirds and Subsistence Fishing - AFO Reaches Out, Sponsors Neotropical Memberships - AFO Council Update - AFO Afield Seeks Historical Perspectives for Next Issue
  5. The new AFO Afield has just been posted at http://www.afonet.or...ewsletter.html. It is also included as an attachment to this announcement. This issue of the Association of Field Ornithologists' semiannual newsletter features: - An insider's guide the 5th North American Ornithological Conference - A discussion of the AFO's relationship to the proposed SFO - An introduction to four ornithologists nominated to serve on the AFO Governing Council - Award information (past recipients and upcoming deadlines) - A Vancouver bird quiz Why not read it now!? AFO_Afield_June2012.pdf
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