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  1. Project Title/Location: Population genomics and physiological responses to temperature in song sparrows/California Channel Islands Stipend: $500/week, March 7 – May 12 (10 weeks) Project Description: Field technician is needed to work closely with a PhD student studying genomic signatures of adaptation and physiological responses to temperature in song sparrows on the California Channel Islands. The technician will be responsible for mist-netting, banding, measuring, and assisting with physiological experiments on song sparrows. Duties also include collecting environmental data, performing observational studies of banded birds, and entering data into a computer database each day. Field work will be conducted on Santa Rosa Island and San Miguel Island. The field technician will be living in close quarters with other island researchers and NPS personnel. Housing, utilities, and transportation between the island and the mainland will be provided. Pets are not permitted. Field technician will be responsible for their own food and personal field gear and may be asked to plan resources accordingly to remain on island for one month at a time. Approximate start date: March 7, 2019; approximate end date: May 12, 2019. Requirements: * Experience mist-netting, handling, and collecting blood samples from small passerines * Good color vision and experience working with birds outside of the classroom * A valid U.S. driver’s license * Positive and self-motivated with a good sense of humor To apply: Send cover letter, CV, and contact information for 2 job references to Maybellene Gamboa (maypgamboa@gmail.com). Please include all application materials as a single email attachment. Put “SOSP Field Technician” in the e-mail subject line. Applications will be reviewed in the order received, and the position will be filled as soon as possible. Deadline: December 14, 2019
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